Adventures in Peanut Butter Land

Peanut Butter Machine

In my effort to eat better, I went to Whole Foods today to get foods to eat at home instead of being a typical New Yorker and going for convenience. I got a full basket of delicious goodies for the long weekend ahead. Many times, I’ve passed by the four machines with different types of peanuts, without a soul next to them. I’ve often seen evidence that the machines have been used — globs of peanut butter at the base, plastic containers scattered, not-quite-full peanut hoppers.  Quite honestly, I was afraid to use these machines and have a huge spill or be doing it wrong or have some Whole Foods person run up to me and say that I can’t do that myself. Today, I made it my mission to overcome my invalid fear and use the machine.

I stepped forward to the machine and began to turn the crank in order to get some of those delicious peanuts crushed up into a container. I put my hand on the crank and twisted. Nothing happened. I tried again. And again, nothing. In my head, I was already seeing the people passing by me, giving me that, “ha, that’s just sad,” look. I was having a Dr. Patel from Modern Family moment. Then, I realized there was a simple on/off button. Finally, success. Peanut butter started coming out. I even dipped my finger for a taste. Mmmm…chunky, a little salty, delicious!