A Fresh Fridge

Full Fridge

I came home, completely soaked from the freezing rain. Though, I was shivering and probably should have hopped in the shower immediately, I decided that this evening I needed to clean out the refrigerator. I was tired of it being disorganized and needed to clear out things that had been there for years. I found a can of peppers that expired in 2006. How did I happen to move that from Chicago?

If I had shown you the fridge a week ago, you would have seen a suspicious amount of condoments and a lot of space. Gone with the old New York lifestyle and in with the new, healthy and frugal ways! There still are jams and jars in the fridge, but they are organized in the door. And, yes, I still have some guilty pleasures and why not, it’s all an evolving process, not an overnight change.

So…here’s my final result along with fridge analysis…ta da! (Click on the photo to see a larger version.)

Fridge Analysis



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