4 Airports in 24 Hours

In 24 hours, I visited 4 airports. I started in LaGuardia,

went to O’hare,

then Amman

and my final destination, Beirut.

It’s a tiring task to fly this way, but when your ticket only costs $40, the cost of taxes on a miles ticket, you are willing to fly this way. Besides, I love exploring airports and finding ways to make my flight more entertaining.

Ray gave me some finger puppets (so I could show him what I’m up to as I travel without him), so I’ve taken photos on my iPhone at 4 different airports.

I loved my Royal Jordanian flight, despite the fact that their planes don’t have outlets to charge my iPad. The service was incredible and I kept meeting really interesting people on the flight. I went away with invitations to be shown around the city and invitations to meet their families. I might take someone up on that offer when im back to Jordan in a few days. Jordanians have to be then friendliest culture of people I’ve encountered. I’m so excited to be here, but first a night of well deserved sleep!

Jaime O.
Jaime O.

Yay World Famous Dominika! I hope you have a wonderful trip! Love, Jaime