Feeling Hot? Jump into a Dumpster Pool on Park Avenue

That’s right, I said “Dumpster Pool.” On Saturday morning, I got up early, met some friends and went to the Summer Streets Festival. This is the third annual Summer Streets Festival, run by the Department of Transportation, where they shut down Park Avenue from downtown all the way up to Central Park for a few glorious hours.

I started heading uptown from around 23rd street, where all the Whole Foods free food was laid out for you to try! They had all sorts of delicious treats, like my favorite, gelato.

Next stop, a free class from Crunch. Anyone could choose various classes from exercise to dance classes, provided by various vendors throughout the city.

The paths were marked off, pedestrians on the right, bikers on the left. At the fest, you could choose to rent bicycles or rollerblades for free. You can even have your bike or blades fixed for for you.

Many people chose to ride with their pets!

Some put them in baby carriers and rode along, happily.

It was pretty great to be able to walk leisurely in the middle of Park Ave., where taxis are usually roaring past you quickly.

I had fun with my camera throughout the fest.

The Dumpster Pools were the highlight of the festival.  Admittedly, when I heard “sanitized dumpster pools,” I wondered how clean they really were.  But, they are very clean. In fact, the dumpsters were created from recycled steel from the World Trade Center for this specific use. The dumpster pools were filtered and chlorinated and had a nice, clean plastic lining. Brilliantly, David Belt created these dumpsters after being inspired by a different sort of dumpster pool in Georgia, which I assume wasn’t nearly as nice as these!

The water may have been a little cool to the touch, but on a hot summer day, after walking around for hours, there’s nothing better than taking a dip in the middle of Park Avenue…and having a life guard yell at you about splashing!

You have one more chance to do this, before this great event is over. This year, Summer Streets ran for three consecutive Saturdays. The last Saturday is this weekend, August 21st, from 7am until 1pm. Click here for more information on the NYC DOT Summer Street Festival!