The 80’s Attack with Awesome 80’s Prom!

I had a BLAST tonight at the Awesome 80’s Prom with my friend, Donnell. The fun started as we approached Webster Hall, with the actors already in character outside.

We dressed up in our 80’s clothing and headed out to party it up with the students of the Class of 1989! I wore my skinny jeans and David Bowie Shirt with star plastic earrings as a tribute to Gem and Donnell wore a Blondie shirt with Zebra skirt.

We danced and sang 80’s songs and interacted with the class actors. I got my picture taken with “MC Hammer.”

Donnell went up to the nerd homecoming nominee and chatted him up a bit. This is how their conversation went:

“Hey, it’s guys like you that I love. Wanna know why?”


“Because you do things like grow up and start Microsoft.”

He looked dumbfounded in his retainer and said, “What’s Mi-crow-soft?”

Even Screech —errr..I mean Dustin Diamond from Saved by the Bell was there! I feel him with the Celebrity Fit Club and could swap stories with him! And for all of you who don’t think he’s awesome, come here so I can punch you. So, yes, if you ask me…the Awesome 80’s Prom really is awesome!

Breakfast: Cheese Crepes with Apples

Lunch: Chicken and Whole Wheat Pasta with Alfredo Sauce.

Dinner: Personal Pizza!