As you all know, I have a passion for photography. I found out about Manhattenhenge from my friend, Joanna, who is another lawyer into photography. This is one day of the year where the sun perfectly lines up with the street and you can get some really interesting photos. So, you can see all the crazy photographers running into the middle of the street when the light changes to take photos! You only have a matter of seconds to get your shot, so everyone is aggressively taking photos.

There’s really a lot of ways to take interesting photos of the day. As I’ve mentioned before, I like to take HDR photographs. This time, I chose not to do that, but my husband did. He took 7 photographs on a tripod and we post processed them by combining them in Photomatix Pro. The result is beautiful. I begrudgingly will admit that he definitely took the better photos today.

I decided to use my 18-200 lens and zoom in on the interesting Times Square stuff on 42nd Street, while the sun hit the street. I had my ISO set at 1000 and my Fstop was at 22. I had my camera on manual focus and my shutter speed was 1/80.

Breakfast: Cornflakes and Skim Milk.

Lunch: Ham and Cheese on Multigrain Flatbread. While I ate, I researched some trip ideas in my Lonely Planet guide.

Dinner: Panang Curry with Sticky Rice. I obviously did not eat that entire container. It lasted me a while.