Holiday Monday

After all the festivities of Sunday night’s soiree at our friends house, we slept in on Monday morning.

This Monday, I mainly caught up on my home errands and organization and caught up on blogging. I ate a delicious snack with veggies and a 1/4 cup of hummus, while I worked on my blog.

Breakfast: Pancakes with Walnuts and Bacon. I didn’t eat breakfast until 11:30am this morning!

Lunch: BBQ Chicken Strips and Veggies.

Dinner: Today, I went for my cheat meal at Jackson Hole. I had a delicious Southwest Burger with Guacamole and Steak Fries. I’m so used to these smaller meals that I didn’t eat the whole thing, but it was so wonderful. I think after these 90 days of dieting are over, I’m going to instill a weekly cheat meal to keep sane.