90 Day Weigh-in!

This is it! Today is Day 90. I made it. I checked the weight this morning at 6:30AM and am proud to say, I weighed in at 128.5lbs! Hallllllelujah! I am currently a size 4/6! What a trip this has been and I thank you wonderful blog readers for all your support. From this point on, I don’t think I’ll be blogging about my fitness throughout the day, nor will I be posting all of the major meals I consume. However, I will still be talking about all the phenomenal things there are to do in NYC and will be posting my photos and descriptions, so stay tuned!

Top 10 Things I Learned From 90 Days of Diet and Exercise:

  1. I think it’s important to set a short term goal. There is no way that people can be sane and restrict themselves this much, unless you have a set date when you will stop the craziness and start just maintaining. 90 days was the perfect amount of time for me. Sure, I’d still love to be able to run 3 miles without huffing and puffing (Or would I? OK–the truth is I doubt I will ever have a love for running. I still find it really boring, but I think all of you runners are phenomenal!!) Yah, I still have fitness goals and push ups to do, so I will keep going. But, no more of this 1300 calories a day nonsense!
  2. It is much easier to maintain weight than lose it. All of you dieters are amazing and courageous for taking the steps to do this. Do not be discouraged because you see your very in shape friends, “eating what they want.” First of all, it’s not necessarily true that they eat what they want. You’re not constantly around them. Secondly, they probably eat delicious things, but listen to their body when it tells them they are full. Thirdly, your body is different! You respond differently than anyone else, so stop comparing yourself! For my weight and height, in order to maintain my current weight, I can now have around 1900-2000 calories a day. I used an app called “Lose It” on my iPhone to help me determine that, which I highly recommend!
  3. Do not let all those people and their opinions get to you! I know that sometimes it’s hard to work out when your supporters say You’re insane, How could you deny yourself? A little alcohol never hurt anyone! OH, just TRY one, Don’t be THAT person, But you don’t need to lose any weight, You seriously aren’t going to be eating out tonight?! The truth of the matter is that you know how much you need to lose, where your natural weight point is and how you want to feel.
  4. I think it’s smart to lose weight in a slow and healthy way, meaning 1-2lbs a week, especially when you’re at a lower weight. Although Gaiam tried to give me diuretics and food suppressants, I followed my doctor’s advice and did not take them. I know that I was removed for not losing enough weight; however at Day 69, I had lost 17lbs. I think that was very healthy and I felt great. Now I have lost 24.5lbs in three months. For my height and size, it is very healthy, no matter what anyone said and I am confident in my choices over the last three months.
  5. It helps to have a workout buddy. My mom has a friend that comes to her house several times a week to take an hour long walk together–she has told me she loves taking walks, but probably wouldn’t go on an hour long evening walk on her own. I had a whole team of supportive amazing buddies in this program. I recommend participating in a class. You eventually get to know people and then they worry and question you when you don’t show up. It’s a good motivator.
  6. It makes a major difference to put on good music when you work out. I’m still a sucker for lectures, audio-books and talk radio when I walk, but I’m trying to put on music that makes me jump and want to dance when I work out. It truly, truly makes a huge difference in the length and energy of your workout!
  7. Once you get started, you want to continue. That first week was tough for me. I really didn’t know if I could last 90 days, even though it’s not a long time in the span of a life time. But, when you’re doing something new or different in your life, it can be extremely difficult. Once I got past that hump, I just wanted to keep going. As I saw results, I wanted to keep going even more!
  8. Cheat meals are super important! Once a week, I would try a really scrumptious meal or have a little extra something, whether it was a piece of chocolate or a couple of icecream cones or even those liquid calories in a nice glass of scotch. It satisfied my craving and then made me want to work out hard again for the rest of the week. The problem is that in our society of instant gratification, it’s very easy to then want more and more and more! My suggestion is to just allow yourself one cheat meal.
  9. If you fall off the wagon, get back on right away. It’s OK, it really is! If you eat a 4000 calorie lunch because of unforeseen circumstances, all is not lost. The next moment, start again. All of your work and effort is not lost. Your body still has that muscle you were working on and it still is craving for you to walk it to the gym.
  10. Be grateful and thankful to those who support you and love you. I know that this extra thing in my life, plus the hours spent on the blog, challenged me in many ways. I was not always pleasant to be around in my state of sleep deprivation and yet my husband, family and friends were always kind and complimentary. I do get rosy cheeks when I get all these wonderful compliments from all of you wonderful and supportive people, but I promise that I heard and was grateful for each word. It helped a lot when I was down or too tired to push myself to work out. Thank you SO much for all of your support

Now, it’s your turn! In the comments below, share what you’ve learned in a similar journey you’ve taken.

Breakfast: I woke up this morning, pretty pumped that it was Day 90; however, I was feeling awful side effects from a pneumonia shot, so it took all of my effort to get on the treadmill this morning. I didn’t do a full half hour, I just did 19 minutes, but I thought that was pretty good considering the state I was in!  Then, I jumped into a delicious bowl of Lucky Charms with 1% Milk. I normally go for Skim, but again, in my state, I didn’t realize that I grabbed the wrong milk. They were certainly magically delicious and I deserved this treat!

Lunch: I had a sensible lunch with chicken and whole wheat pasta and some melted cheese because I knew that dinner was going to be at my favorite burger joint!

Dinner: Jackson Hole Mexican Burger with Steak Fries. I didn’t eat it all, though I tried and felt extremely full when I left! Pardon for the blurry image, but this was the last day and the final meal of Day 90! I was looking forward to my treat!