Time to Film Again!

I was back in the Metrodaylight Studios to film again to show off all the fantastic weight loss! I’ve lost 16lbs to date and feel fantastic. I have about 10-12lbs to go until my ideal weight, which I was around 6 years ago. I fell off track and now I’m getting back on target. I have to say, we all have a time and place that works for us when we’re ready to get on the weight loss journey. We just have to find that time and commit to it.

This is a great photo displaying my favorite jeans. I love these jeans that I’ve had them for two years, even though I’ve had to patch the inner thighs several times! Here I’m in a size 12 jean and now that I’m a size 6, they are very loose on me.

Alby did my makeup and covered all those pesky blemishes.

After my weigh-in, I had some water and my snack, a green apple. I didn’t have time to have breakfast this morning. The night before I was at the Polish Consulate for the election and got home very early in the morning, with just enough time to get a couple hours of sleep. Besides, it’s a nice trick to feel like you get your actual weight before you eat!

I brought my lunch with me, but I wasn’t hungry (that’s a surprise because I normally gobble up all of my 1300 calories). My second snack later in the afternoon was a chocolate 160 calorie muffin.

While waiting for my turn to do my testimonial or exercise on film, I had some fun with photography. I took a few photos of some friends from this program. This shot is Marina, in her usual perfect form.

I used onone to create an old world Hollywood effect on Dawn. I think the photo turned out really well, especially with her tossing her hair so beautifully.

This was one of my favorite photos of the day. Cat put on swimmies and laid out in the studio space. She had the perfect look on her face to make shooting her truly fun.

At one point, I looked over and saw Bumper jumping off of the wall. I changed my shutter speed and caught a few shots of him on his way down. Then, I decided to make the shot more interesting by detailing him and making him glow from the wall. I go back and forth with cropping out the left side of the photo. For now, I leave it uncropped.

Anna Flores, a photographer, took this neat shot of me. I enhanced it a bit by adding a cool high key to it. I was trying to be very serious, but every few seconds, she had me laughing hard.

We took group shots of the classmates in the program. This is a great group of people and I feel honored to know all of them!

By the afternoon, it was time to get up and exercise in front of the camera. Luckily, Marina was there to lead us and keep our rhythm together, like she has every day!

We had to do a group testimonial and Marina rallied the group with her high energy, singing and laughter!

I was told to get out in front of the group and do some pushups, so I did just that!

We were so excited, we all did a group high-five. This was a fantastic day, despite the lack of sleep I had had for the past three nights.

The afternoon was quickly becoming evening and you can see some of that effect of the sun in the studio. I was called back to do an individual testimonial about the program before I left for the day. After this eventful day, I headed to St. Francis of Assisi to experience an amazing Mass and chatted with some Franciscan Friars. I walked home, threw some sort of food item into my system (I can’t even remember what it was!) and crawled into bed and slept for hours and hours.


Thank you, ladies! It's always easier to maintain weight than lose it. So, we all have to work hard to get to our ideal weights and bodies. Then, we can treat ourselves a little more. :O)


you are an inspiration on multiple levels!


D, you look fantastic!!! You are doing so well- way to go girl!


Dominika, you look amazing! You're pretty baller, lady and like I said, an inspiration. Keep on keeping on and continue your hard work :)