The Randomness of New York City

I went to see White’s Lies on Saturday evening, which I highly recommend if you want a light sitcom type show that will make you laugh throughout the entire show.

After the show, I headed to a party and on the way to the subway, I pulled out the camera to catch some neat things as I walked along. In a 7 block span, I found a few things that really struck me.

The policemen on horses are always out on evenings and tourists and locals always approach the horses to get photographs with them or to pet these beautiful animals.

Now, there is a “naked cowgirl,” in town. Quite enticing.

I was walking past a cab and started taking photos. Inside were a few kids who weren’t very happy, even though they had a million balloons.

I was walking along and saw three friends from Hong Kong attempting to take a picture with their camera phones, so I snapped up some shots of them and promised I’d email them out!