Seashells and Planet Fun

After a good run in the morning, filled with sprints and pushups, I headed in for a quick breakfast, so I could get back outside quickly to enjoy my last full day in North Carolina.

Ray’s cousins came to visit and so Ray’s dad, Ray and I went on a long walk to collect seashells.

We found some beautiful seashells, saw a jellyfish swimming in the ocean, grabbed up crabs and did jumps and cartwheels in the water.

The cousins, Katelyn and Madison, didn’t mind me taking a bunch of photographs. The girls are so sweet and gorgeous, it was easy to take beautiful shots of them.

The obligatory jumping photo had to be taken!

The excitement continued into the evening. We went to a fantastic restaurant called Duffers, where I ate delicious food and had a lovely time, laughing and chatting with the family.

After dinner, we headed out to Planet Fun, which literally is fun! We played laser tag (I’ve never done that before and now, I think everyone should do it. It is a BLAST to run around and catch people!), did glow in the dark mini-golfing and played really fun arcade games.

Breakfast: Greek Yogurt and Granola.

Lunch: A Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Hot Dog on a Wheat Bun with Tomatoe and Sweet Relish.

Dinner: Chicken Gyro with Pepper Jack Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoe and Steak Fries. I gave the pickle away.