Reach for the Skies

Today was one of those days with beautiful skies, so I needed to take a photo of the sky in Madison Square Park to show off this gorgeous day. Short post today, since I posted three yesterday.

I worked out hard today and I’m ready to go to bed at a decent hour. Tomorrow, I’ll be up early to run at the Hudson River and continue working toward my goals because in a flash, this will all be over, and I want to feel great about my progress.

Breakfast: Cornflakes with Skim Milk.

Lunch: Meatball Sandwich. Anything warmed in a toaster oven is so tasty!

Dinner: Chicken Lasagna. I added red crushed peppers and it was wonderful. Remember all of these photos are on salad size plates, so even though something may look like it completely fills the plate, I am still not overeating. It allows me to eat a variety of foods, without overdoing it.