Rain, Rain, Rain.

I had planned on going to the Norah Jones free concert in Brooklyn, but the rain made me change my mind. So, I met some friends for a drink. Well, let’s face it, since I’m on this 90 day kick, I’m not really drinking much alcohol, instead, I had a water with a bit of cranberry, a twist of orange and a twist of lemon. I had a few bites of a quesadilla, but quickly realized the calories weren’t worth it. If something doesn’t taste amazing to me, it’s just not worth wasting my calories on it.

I did enjoy the place on the Upper East Side enough to mention it. It was called Molly Pitcher’s Ale House (2nd and 85th). It was a great place to meet my friends and meet new friends–I even met a guy running for state senate. Good times!

By the time I got back to the Lower East Side, I was completely soaked. I walked past a local homeless man and decided that he needed my umbrella more than me–after all, I was heading to a home with a hot shower and he was standing under a dripping awning. I recognized him from a homeless shelter I volunteered with a year or so ago–I remember learning that he had a methamphetamine addiction, which is why he will pause mid-walk. I rapidly made my way through hard rain and puddles and wondered what else I could have done for that man. I just hope I didn’t shame him in any way when I gave him the umbrella. The one thing I hope for myself and everyone else in this world is to always have dignity.

Breakfast: Cornflakes and Skim Milk.

Lunch: Chicken with Apple Reduction and Veggie Medley.

Dinner: Snacked on Some Stuff at the Bar, but the photos didn’t come out since it was so dark. Sorry! Quesidilla and a Chicken Tender and One Buffallo Wing were involved.