Honey in a Bear

There’s nothing like opening your door to throw garbage down a chute and seeing raw honey hanging on your door. Thank you to my sweet friend, Donnell! I loved the honey and had a couple of spoonfuls to get over these awful allergies. I’ve never had them before I moved to New York and never realized how awful they make a person feel until this season.

A spoon and a half of honey a day makes the allergies go away! Raw and unprocessed honey contains bits of proteins from the pollen that bees feast on. Taking that into your body not only helps you boost your immune system, but it also helps ease allergies. This is especially true when you eat local honey, made from local pollens. I’m all for doing it the natural way!

Breakfast: I think it’s really important to have meals together with your family and friends. Because my husband and I don’t really get to spend time together during the week, we love to have breakfast together. Today, we had Breakfast Bakes with Cheddar and Broccoli.

Lunch: Baked Chicken with Wheat Mini Pasta and Broccoli and Tomatoes.

Dinner: No time for a formal dinner tonight. After seeing White’s Lies, I went to a party in SoHo and had a few snacks, such as tortilla chips with organic salsa from Whole Foods. Hopefully, I’ll have some photos from the party up tomorrow.