Halfway Done!

Happy Half-Way Day. Today is day 45, so I am celebrating!

After a weekend of some self-indulgence, I went to Marina‘s class, which made my entire shirt soak in sweat. I feel a little guilty for taking the subway back tonight, since I could definitely smell my sweat and it wasn’t good. I think Marina knew that we needed that workout after a Memorial Day weekend break. It was incredible to power it out together.

FYI, if you want a move that will make you sweat like nobody’s business, try the one Marina is doing in the photo above. Just holding your leg straight out like this and then doing leg lifts is brutal. In moments like this, sweat is just pouring down my face and neck. It’s interesting how a tiny movement like this can do a lot of strength training and feel like an incredible amount of work. With a trainer like this, you know you’ll get a full body workout.

Breakfast: Multigrain Muffin with Low Fat Laughing Cow Cheese.

Lunch: Multigrain Muffin with Ham and Low Fat Munster Cheese. Melted in the toaster oven, of course.

Dinner: Chicken Quesidilla with Hot Peppers.


I can't believe it either! It's awesome how far we've gotten in these 45 days!


Can't believe we are half way through it!