Fun in Bryant Park

Saw a lot of interesting things in Bryant Park today, while I was there eating lunch.

On Tuesdays in Bryant Park, Terri from the Arcadia Bird Sanctuary brings several birds to educate and delight park goers.

I didn’t have my notebook with me this time, but I’ll get back to her and ask her a bit more for a future post. What I do know is that she volunteers her time and has been doing so for 2 years. She clearly loves birds.

I loved the spacing of the people waiting for a bus on 6th Avenue.

Today’s NY Daily Deal was a $10 Hoola Hoop Class and in the theme of the day, I saw girls hoola hooping, but in Bryant Park, instead of Central Park.

Breakfast: Granola and Skim Milk

Lunch: Feta and Chicken in a 1/2 Pita. I brought my food to the park with me and enjoyed eating it outdoors. New Yorkers are known for their Vitamin D deficiency and I was told it might help me resetting my sleep cycle, so here we go sun!

Dinner: Chicken Lasagna

Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee

Cool blog! Very impressive. Such great quality pics. I love Bryant Park.