Eclipse Pre-Screening

Don’t judge me! I love Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. As I mentioned in last week’s post, I was invited to a free pre-screening to the film because of my wonderful book club. I loved the anticipation of seeing the movie and getting an early preview of the movie before its opening the following day.

I know that it may be bizarre that at my age I love a story that was written for teens, but I find that a lot of people feel the same way. In fact, there was a great article written by Caitlin Flanigan in the Atlantic explaining why it is that adults love this series. The following quote really describes my own feelings about why Twilight is so sensational.

“Twilight is fantastic. It’s a page-turner that pops out a lurching, frightening ending I never saw coming. It’s also the first book that seemed at long last to rekindle something of the girl-reader in me. In fact, there were times when the novel—no work of literature, to be sure, no school for style; hugged mainly to the slender chests of very young teenage girls, whose regard for it is on a par with the regard with which just yesterday they held Hannah Montana—stirred something in me so long forgotten that I felt embarrassed by it.”

I haven’t met anyone who didn’t love the series when they read it and trust me, I judged others when I was told to read it. My initial reaction was, “Seriously? You want me to read a book about vampires?!” But, I will admit I was wrong and I recommend the series to everyone.

Twilight brought out emotion that you remember when you were younger and you would long to read one book after the next. This is the first book series I found in my adult life where I read all four books in 6 days, not minding the little sleep. I left all responsibilities for those six days because I was completely immersed in this gorgeous love story. I also love the fact that it’s a very innocent love story and abstinence in this series is extremely sexy. This series rekindled so many emotions in me and felt like it awoke me from regular routines and inspired me to open my eyes again.