Activities Galore

I stayed home today by request of my husband. He told me to stay in the living room and not to shower until a very important package arrived. Oh, yes, the iphone!  For those that pre-ordered, we got iphones a day earlier than you could get them in long lines at the Apple stores!

As soon as I got the new iphone, I headed out the door to enjoy the gorgeous day. I took care of errands that I am normally not able to take care of and enjoyed myself immensely in the sun.

I had a very tough workout, which made me sweat unbelievably. Luckily, I had my change of clothes with me, took a “shower” with a towel, water and cologne and headed out for my active evening.  The more active you are, even if it’s walking from activity to activity, the more calories you burn. Obviously, when I am active, especially within this goal of 90 days, I work hard to avoid eating out at these activities and I don’t touch any alcohol. I don’t love to “spend” my calories on a liquid diet, so I avoid juices as well. Though I am always tempted by mouthwatering appetizers and glasses of wine, I keep telling myself that end goal is important.

At the Foreign Lawyers Association, I sat with a friend of mine and watched her drink a beer. I treated myself to water with a huge squeeze of lemon. Water just tastes so refreshing on a hot day and squeezing a lemon in there is that extra cherry on top.

Then, I met another friend and took the subway down to SideBar for a pre-game Twilighters Party with my book club girls. We received all sorts of swag, such as t-shirts, bracelets, pens, pins and a downloadable Eclipse Soundtrack. At the party, I found out that I was definitely invited to a pre-screening of the movie the following Monday. I have been waiting for these movies every since I read the books a year ago, so this was exciting news!

Breakfast: Egg Sandwich (of, course it’s on a 100 calorie multigrain muffin!) and Earl Grey Tea with Lemon.

Lunch: Tandori Chicken with Green Beans, Cabbage, Zuchinni and Tomatoes. The new iphone made an appearance in this photo!

Dinner: Chicken and Veggie Medley



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