A Happy Workout

I know I’ve talked about working out with Marina before, but I don’t think I’ve talked about how much I’m smiling and laughing throughout these workouts. Seriously, it is SO much fun to go workout and sing along with fun pop music and laugh when you get off rhythm, bounce around and try out dance moves.

In class, we will sing along to the music and sometimes, even get up in front of the class, and sing while we work out. Above, Samantha Croce, future Glee star, was singing a song and jumping up and down. It certainly takes talent to be able to jump around and sing, without sounding out of breath and Marina does it every day in class.

Just dancing in your living room burns calories and she teaches you to just never stop moving. This whole summer, I’ve been trying to be more active than ever. When I meet friends out, I try to meet them for a walk or to do something somewhat active. It makes you feel good and there’s no reason that every social activity has to revolve around comfort food. You can be social and move your body.

While we were working out, I kept running to get my camera from the back of the studio to snap up some shots and relay the fun of a workout. And, trust me, I don’t normally enjoy working out, but somehow that joy has come back this summer and weight loss has happened because of this fantastic woman and her unique way of looking at burning calories.

Here the class was jumping high. Look at Bridget, all the way on the left side of the photo, she’s jumping so high!

Breakfast: Egg and Broccoli Bake with Red Hot Sauce!

Lunch: Chicken, Brown Rice with Parsley and Egg Plant. A few spoons of hot sauce made it taste even better.

Dinner: Chicken with Rice Beans and Tomatoes.