Window Displays and Fleet Week

Well, when you walk around, you’re bound to see something strange or funny throughout the day. Today, I changed into a tank top, my workout pants and put on flip flops as I walked to class, so I knew I’d get extra attention. I cut through the jewelry district and, of course, got harassed by the various dealers who were throwing signs in my face that said “We Buy Gold,” and “We Sell Diamonds.” One salesman stepped in front of me and said, “Baby, I’ll buy you anything you want from this store.” I laughed and looked at his store’s display. Two other men who were walking next to me and overheard him also glanced in that direction. Immediately, they jumped back and I shouted, “Gross!” A giant cockroach happened to crawl up in the middle of the window display. That certainly put an end to the flirtation.

As I got closer and closer to Times Square (where my exercise class is located), I noticed hoards of tourists. These tourists were definitely enjoying fleet week–everyone was asking sailors and Marines if they could take photos together. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me, so I used my cell phone to snap a low quality shot of this tourist getting his own photo with Navy men.

The police horses were out on the sidewalk too and I happened to get a horse sticking his tongue out. Even though it’s out of focus, I think it’s adorable that this horse decided to stick his tongue out at a tourist.

Breakfast: Granola and Skim Milk

Lunch: Falafel and Pita with a Splash of Hummus.

Dinner: Quinoa with Veggies.