Welcome to 1979!

Let’s face it, I had a crappy week.  Ever since I fell off the wagon a week ago, other things have been creeping in that stressed me out. And, yesterday, it was one thing after another with work stuff, home stuff, health stuff and anything else you can pile up in one day. It was time to snap out of it and this morning was the kick that I needed.

I started off the day at the Tate building with Marina. She took me in her gym and made me sweat. When I run or walk, I usually listen to podcasts or books on tape. HELLO world–music is way better for running. This is a new phenomenon for me. When you hear, “It was a slow and meandering river. We knew we’d have to ford it by sundown…” that doesn’t exactly make you run at a fast pace.

Marina was sweet and understanding about my worries and issues with getting to my end goal because she has been there before and conquered everything. She lifted herself out from under 100lbs of excess weight and created music that has helped thousands and thousands of people all over the country lose weight. She choreographed shows for urban rebounding and kicked people into action. To have her be part of my support system is seriously a miracle.

Although my arms are starting to get more definition to them, my upper body is really weak, so my focus is going to be on that more. Marina had me on machines, had me doing pushups and then had me running. At first I was pretty slow, but then she gave me the song, “Lost Along the Way,” which pumped me up and had me running to 160 beats per minute, which was a little over a 6 mile an hour run. I can’t remember the last time I had that much energy when I ran. Music while running…I feel like I’m behind the times! I know, I know…Welcome to 1979, Dominika (When the Walkman first came out!).

Click here to listen to the song: Lost Along the Way

The other thing that I did today was make myself feel pretty!  I went to the L’Oreal Technical Building and had a shampoo, blowout and style. All for the price of…nothing! I got free goodies with it and had lovely hair for a few hours of the day! I’m going back Monday evening for another one.

When your confidence is down and you’re having a hard day, doing things like this for yourself make a world of a difference.

Breakfast: Mozerella & Basil Frittata

Lunch: Chicken, Sugar Snap Peas, Brocolli and Carrots

Dinner: Beef Burrito. Of course, I added my special Chinese hot sauce to this to make it even better.