Voilà - A Completed Bedroom!

The “after” pics are up! From morning till night, we worked on putting the finishing touches to our bedroom. We woke up at 10AM and started disassembling our bed frame and moving things out of the way. Soon after, our bed, nightstands and dresser were delivered. We transferred our clothing out of the old dresser and moved that to our neighbor’s apartment. Finally, we were able to move all the stuff that was out in the living room back into the bedroom and got things in order.

The final pieces to add were the art we got in South Korea, hanging above the bed. Each is the same type of scene, but during a different season. When we framed the pieces, we chose matting that matched each season. The colors tie into our eclectic style and we are pleased with how they turned out. Whew, it’s now 10:30PM and we are all done with the bedroom after 12 hours of work. Only one frame left to hang in the living room (although it is giant!) and our apartment will be back in order.

Breakfast: Red Pepper and Onion Egg Bake. Ray’s coffee is brewing in the Chemex pot in the background.

Lunch: Whole Wheat Noodles and Meat Balls with Tomatoe Sauce.

Dinner: Beef Edamame Salad