Today was a little different than our usual cardio classes, as we needed some stretching and lengthening in our repertoire. So, a lovely lady named Jenna DeRosa made us bend in ways I didn’t think my body was capable of twisting. I felt a good stretch, and yet, it was also a workout to stay in these positions, even though my heart rate wasn’t going up. I found it interesting how little I think about my body and my breathing. It was good to just take time and become a little more self-aware of muscles I don’t ever focus on.

Jenna is so beautifully in shape and runs her own Pilates studio so it makes you realize that even when you aren’t doing major cardio, you can sculpt your body to look like hers. Every time I’ve tried to do any pilates work in this city, my back and neck would always strain, but this time, she gave such great modifications that I didn’t feel the horrid pain I usually feel.  What a relief!

[The photo will not have the black spots in a few months, when I’m allowed to show you the product.]

After class, I met up with Ray and sat in the Bryant Park with him. We sat near the fountain and shared fruit, water and enjoyed the weather.

The night got a little cooler and we jumped on the F and walked home from 6th Avenue.

Breakfast: Yogurt and Granola.

Lunch: Chicken Parmesan with Low Fat Cheese and Whole Wheat Noodles.

Dinner: Low Fat Macaroni and Cheese. And a little coffee to top it off.