Jury Duty

Today was a jury duty day. I actually secretly love doing jury duty–anytime I have the opportunity to be in the court room, I enjoy it.  NY requires a minimum of two days of jury duty, so I’ll be back tomorrow as well and hopefully, I’ll remember to bring my camera, unlike this morning.

After jury duty, I headed over to the Kamen Entertainment Group, a recording studio, run by Roy and Marina Kamen to learn a few things about music editing. Um, lesson #1, it’s complicated. Lesson #2, it’s pretty cool to learn from the top people in the biz, Lesson #3, more lessons to come!

I was feeling so exhausted after class and my back was acting up, so I had planned on taking the subway home. Upon discovery that I left my metrocard in my other bag, I sat in Bryant Park for a while.  While I waited for Ray and made some photos. We took a very long walk home and I hope to go to bed  as soon as possible tonight to catch up on sleep.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Cinnamon and Raisins.

Lunch: Veggies and Provolone Cheese.

Dinner: Chicken, Rice and Veggies.