Hiking to a Gorge

We woke up in a beautiful house, overlooking Cayuga Lake to the sounds of splashing. My dad-in-law jumped in the water and took a long swim in Cayuga Lake. After a very big 2 foot water snake swam past him, he quickly paddled over to the edge and got out of the water.

I ate cornflakes for breakfast, even though there were delicious cookies in abundance. You can see how happy I was about that.

We drove to the Corning Glass Museum, which was much more exciting than I anticipated. Actually, I would put it in top 5 museums.

There are all sorts of really interesting pieces and lots of demos and things you can touch and see in action.

My sis-in-law, Christine and I decided to pull glass and created large glass flowers. We had a lot of fun doing it.

First, you take a small piece of hot glass at around 800 degrees and die it. This part is the stem.

Then you put more glass on and then you flatten it.

After this, you pull pieces to form the petals. You have to keep spinning it around and pulling very quickly because the glass hardens quickly.

A beautiful flower forms out of all your hard and heated work!

We picked up some cakes for my mom-in-law’s birthday and Brett and his girlfriend’s graduation.  We stopped at a local bakery, which had fun cakes shaped in burgers that actually tasted good, as well as looked good.

After the glass museum, the family went out to the Robert Tremen State Park to have a picnic. I was excited about exploring the area and hiking.

Ray and I did a long walk up and down the mountains and discovered a gorge with a steep drop off.

The hike was beautiful and the bbq was so good that I forgot to take photos of my food!  But, I had veggies, crackers with “Polly’s Patte,” which was a dip with garlic and feta cheese. I got the recipe-it was amazing, so maybe I’ll make it and blog about it soon.