Hazy Day

After this morning’s many pokes and blood tests, I was feeling very faint. I’m getting better at this blood testing, since I’m doing it so often, but somehow today, my right arm was hurting all day. I weighed myself on the physician’s scale and I’m happy to say that 27 days in, I’ve made a lot of good progress. Let’s see what I get on the next weigh in day.

I got through my day in a haze because I haven’t slept much in the last two weeks, so I didn’t make it to my class. Guess I’ll have to make up for that this weekend, but it’s also important to take breaks when your body needs them, so I’m not going to guilt myself too much. I came home, without doing any extracurricular activities on this warm Friday evening. My plan was to relax and cuddle with Ray, watching the lightening and reading my newest Sookie Stackhouse book. Unfortunately, it’s hard to relax when my apartment is a mess. Everything is sort of displaced because it’s been so busy lately and because of the paint job we’ll be doing this weekend. Hopefully, it’s early to bed tonight (great hope!)

Breakfast: Ricotta Cheese Crepe with Pears.

Lunch: Chicken Sandwich with Blueberries.

Dinner:  Chicken with Veggie Medley.