Finished Painting!

I would say we probably put in 16 hours of prep and painting in, but it is finally concluded. It actually all finished much earlier than I anticipated. Maybe that means we will both go to sleep by 10 tonight. Ha, that would be a miracle!

After two coats of primer, we finally painted a color called “flax,” a lovely and calm shade of brown. I’ll post final pics on Saturday, when the new bed arrives, but some of our efforts had to be recorded.

Breakfast: Egg and Cheddar on a Multigrain with Tomatoes. I only bought primer, but not the paint until this afternoon, so I was still looking at paint samples this morning over breakfast.

Lunch: Open faced Sandwich on Multigrain bread with Eggs, Celery, Onions and Salmon. Toaster ovens make everything heavenly.

Dinner: Thai Meatballs with Noodles, Rice and Veggies. On-the-go dinner after church, so that we could finish the painting quickly.