Dinner and Theatre

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Cinnamon and Raisins and Tea. After a little bit of sleeping in, I grabbed a scrumptious and filling breakfast.  About an hour later, I went to noon Mass where a phenomenal singer, Donnell Adler, displayed her talent and Fr. Patrick Curley gave a fantastic homily on kindness and love.  I guess the theme of this weekend is love!

Lunch: Turkey Burger with Brocolli, Lima Beans, Green Peas, Carrots and Cauliflower. After running some errands and buying beautiful lilacs that make the apartment smell heavenly, I ate a quick lunch.

Dinner: Turkey Breast with Sugar Snap Peas, Cauliflower, Goat Cheese and Pecans. Tonight, I went to dinner with some friends, so I wanted to eat the proper portions before I went out.  We went to Don Giovanni’s, where the portions are extra large. I know that in a place like that, I have very little will power, so it’s good to go there on a full stomach.  I ordered tea with lemon, so that I could socialize with others and made it clear that it did not offend me or make me feel hungry when I was sitting there with others, while they were eating. It was the truth!  I felt fine and even happy that I wasn’t getting off track, but still able to be with friends on a beautiful Sunday evening.

Theatre: I saw C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters for a second time this evening (the first time was a few days ago with my mom).  If you’re not familiar with C.S. Lewis, he is most famous for The Chronicles of Narnia, which was recently turned into a popular series of movies.  He’s a brilliant writer and the play was very interesting. It’s about a correspondence between two demons and their ideas on making their “patient,” a man, turn away from God.  Each letter presents a regular aspect of a person’s life and how easy it is to be tempted or falter, or how easy it is to stray from a good relationship and be distracted from the things that really matter in life.

The play was originally set to run only for three weeks, but it was so popular and has been selling out that it was extended to 11 weeks.  There are 10 of us that decided to go together, so we got a great group discount.  I definitely recommend the play.

Walk: After the show, the remaining group walked through Times Square and to the subway station. Something was definitely going on as there were at least 15 fire trucks in Times Square. Perhaps precautions were being taken after the scare early this morning?

We took the subway to 23rd and 5th and started walking along.  One friend in the group, an architect named Hans Roegele, had a key to Gramercy Park, so we were able to go in and walk around.  Gramercy Park is one of two private parks in New York City and you must have a key to enter the park and leave the park.  A membership can cost around 400 dollars a year and you can only get a key if you live in a building adjacent to the park.  We stayed there for about an hour, chatting and enjoying the beautiful evening.  What a perfect end to a perfect night.