DC in a Day

This morning I woke up at 5AM, had my breakfast (a quick pre-made broccoli quiche) and caught the Megabus to Washington, DC with my friend, Donnell. I was going to see one of my besties, Cara, and Donnell was off to see an old friend of hers, his fiancée and son.

We had a beautiful lunch at Teaism, where I had a small portion of my Thai Curry Chicken with Brown Rice and Iced Green Tea. Can I just say, it was SO difficult to stop at a small portion of this food–it was so delicious, I wanted to keep eating, but I forced myself to close the top and stop.

Then we were off to the Newseum. I’ve been wanting to see that museum since it opened around three years ago and kept missing out on chances every time I was in DC. It is SO great. I highly recommend it.

Everyday, the Newseum puts out the front pages of all the major newspapers in the U.S. All the exhibits are really interesting. I had a chance to see several different pulitzer prize winning photographs, along with an amazing exhibit on the FBI, which got me even more excited and more motivated to get in shape for the FBI physical fitness test. Part of the Berlin Wall was on display and a watchtower, as well as the radio tower from one of the World Trade Centers. The Newseum is so interactive. You can see videos and touch things and do a fake newscast. I could have spent all day there if time was not of the essence.

Above is a photo of a postcard sent to the FBI about the handling of the Waco, Texas cult and David Koresh.

After I said my goodbyes to Cara, who was flying off to Portland and then moving to Germany for a fellowship, I joined up with Donnell and her friends to do a mission at the International Spy Museum. That museum is without a doubt my favorite museum in the entire world. We had to wiretap messages and search a room for a trigger and keys. We had to jump on the back of a very shaky van and make a quick escape. We had to send out a special black ops unit and run up stairs and jump on a helicopter. It all ended at a bar getting debriefed by the chief. Certainly a fantastic 4D experience.

The bus ride back was an hour an a half late and started off very lousily. I was cold, there was a screaming baby on the second floor of the bus, but he sounded like he was right next to me, I had forgotten to get water for this 5.5 hour ride and I knew I would not be getting much sleep tonight with my late departure from DC and bad traffic on the way. I did remember to bring my apple along, which somewhat satiated me. And what’s worse is that I knew with my late – almost midnight – arrival, I wouldn’t be able to eat because I had to fast for my morning blood tests. I couldn’t believe I had to endure five hours of hunger, thirst, noise, cold and sleep deprivation.

However, through the grace of God, a lovely woman sat next to me and shared her blanket and some intimate stories of her life. We bonded over being immigrants, our cultural and religious backgrounds (she was Greek) and talked about how close we were to our families. I told her how much I missed my family and she talked about how she and her kids would talk and email at least 5 times a day. She even talked to her son four times the day of his death and found a little bit of solace in being the last to talk to him before he was hit by a car and killed in Nevada. I completely understood that closeness. I feel like at any moment, unexplainable things can happen to us, so I love to hear my husband, mom, dad and brother tell me several times a day that they love me and love to be able to tell them right back.