Day 21: A Habit is Formed

Yesterday, my class was canceled due to the evacuation of Times Square, so today, I worked extra hard to keep my program on track. After all, today is day 21, and experts (whoever they are!) say a habit is formed after 21 days!

While a new habit may have been formed with exercise and eating habits, I wanted to break an old habit with the decoration of my bedroom. I’ve had my Ikea bedframe for 10 years and it kept collapsing on us, much to the dismay of our neighbors below, so we took it as a sign to get something new. Although we didn’t get the painting done as planned, we moved our old furniture into the new locations for the new furniture, as a dry run. We also ordered our new furniture, which will come in a couple of weeks.  We’ll see if we like the new arrangement. Pictured above is the bedroom before we moved the furniture-admire the blue walls (ha, ha!) The bed looks wider than it is because I used a wide angle lens, but it is just a queen sized bed, although I lust for a king one day! As soon as it is all done, I’ll have before and after photos up!

Breakfast: Sausage Omlet with Potatoes.  I put a little spicy Sambal Olek on it–life is dull without it!

Lunch: Turkey and Cheese Sandwich.

Dinner: Chinese-Style Salmon Rolls with Rice and Veggies.