Crown Point Festival

Jury duty again, but we got let out around 1:30PM, which allowed me to have the rest of the day free until the evening. What pleasure to have a few hours off.

Around 6PM, I went over to the swanky Rivington Hotel for the Crown Point Festival to meet up with friends and raise mula for artists. I did all this while drinking 15 year old Scotch (Since I was buttered up for 4 hours with various 18-35 year old Scotch a few months ago, I have a new found appreciation for Scotch) and enjoying the company of newfound friends.

At first, I volunteered for the festival, so I was working near the DJ table and got to talk with a few interesting people and take some neat photos of the table. I took a raw image and did a bit of tone mapping, plus ran it through Topaz Adjust and Photoshop.

I loved the sleeve tattoo the bartender had, so I took a shot of her as well. The lighting was perfect because the sun was setting and then I used onone to pop her ink a little more.

I definitely enjoyed dressing up, but I’m truly exhausted tonight.  I am definitely looking forward to sleeping in this weekend.

Breakfast: Omelet with Sausage and Peppers.

Lunch: Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Chicken and Eggplant.

Dinner: Beef and Veggie Medley.