Crouching Tigers

Today was day 30. To celebrate, I wanted to show you a demonstration of a very special push-up technique. I will conquer these push-ups, if it’s the death of me!

A few days ago I learned about a push-up from a friend and fellow fitness classmate of mine, Bumper, which helps you get stronger and be able to do more push-ups. I’ve been doing these for a few days and they are definitely helping my upper body strength. I think the proper name is a Tiger push-up, but I like to call them the Crouching Tigers. Bumper so kindly decided to be an idiot with me in Times Square and take these pictures while onlookers pondered what the heck we were doing and why. I figured this above picture tells it all, Bumper showing a push-up and the man staring and wondering what is coming and if he can move out of the way quickly enough.

So, the crouching tiger goes something like this:

  1. Crouch down to a pushup position.
  2. Put one foot between your two arms (with most of the weight on it)
  3. Place the other foot back and use the front of your foot to stabilize.
  4. Push down and push up!

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Cinnamon and Raisins and Tea. I use a 1/4 cup measuring device to make sure I’m within my 300 calorie meal range.

Lunch: Beef, Brown Rice and Broccoli.

Dinner: I went to a reception tonight, after a Mass, and had a bit of food from the buffet. I had a tiny amount of tomatoes and cheese with coffee and skim milk. I apologize for missing a photo, but I ran into a priest I had first met a year ago in India, and was too distracted to photograph my meal. Read more about it here.


OMG! I NEED this one guys!! Thankkkkkkkkk you!! Gotta love the Bumper!! SeXay Tiger ;)~ RAWRRRRR!!! lol