Back in the Studio after 30 Days

My habit is formed and I’ve lost 6% of my body weight, which is a lot less than most of the people in my class (who are all incredible!!), but still great weight loss! So, it was time for all of us to get back to the studio to take some photos and footage.

My call time was 10:30AM, which I was grateful for, since I was up late the night before working on the bedroom. I got up around 8AM, showered, got ready, made tea and walked over to the studio.

The first thing I learned was a little bit of choreography. We work out daily, but they wanted to make sure we were all on the same page, since we all have various levels of fitness. Marina played one of my favorites, “Put a little Bounce in your Step,” while we jumped up and down on the step.

Then, it was time for makeup. I am always fascinated by that process. All my blemishes were gone in a matter of seconds with this spray foundation.

Thank you Temptu! The artist was excellent and made me feel gorgeous.

After makeup, I got into my jeans from 30+ days ago that are kept with the program throughout the entire 90 days and a t-shirt. The jeans were so loose on me that they were falling off and I could pull them forward a few inches, which was surprising and pleasant.

After the 30 day photos were taken, I got back into my fitness clothes and shuffled into another room in the metrodaylight studios (which were featured on ‘The Apprentice‘ last week, FYI) and started working out on the [redacted] on camera. It is a little nerve wrecking to have a camera in your face, as you sweat and kick your legs into the air.

Throughout the day, I played around with the camera and took some fun random shots to play around in this gorgeous space. Here’s a photo of several members of our class with huge weight losses.

Jennifer is another classmate of mine who is always smiling and positive.

Above is a photo I took of Luana Halpern, a very talented musician in our class and founder of You Can Thrive!

Here’s a pic of my friend Donnell and me laying in the white space.

This was a photo playing with lighting of Suzanne Chaudhury, a talented voice over actress, who has a ton of super amazing projects cooking.

The day wrapped at around 4PM and I ran over to make it in time for Mass, so that I would have the evening free for the series finale of Lost (click here to read my thoughts on the last episode.)

I love production stuff, so it was really fun to see all the cameras and dozens of people working behind the scenes to help us reach our weight goals. Mmm..what a dream to have a studio!

Breakfast: Granola and Skim Milk. Can you spot my breakfast? They had a fridge and microwave for us-yay.

What can I say, it’s hard to just eat my own stuff when Kraft services lays out a smorgasbord of delicious food, but I stuck to my plan…..that moment.

Lunch: Cherry Muesli and Skim Milk. And yes, I did eat it on the floor of the studio.

Dinner: Panang Curry with Jasmine Rice. Went off my plan that evening. I thought the dead plant would make it more unappealing, but I still wanted to eat it. Woops. Sorry, world. I failed, but I’m getting back on track tomorrow morning.