Art at the Consulate

I love the Polish Consulate.  The Consulate in New York is located in this beautiful mansion on the corner of Madison Avenue and 37th Street.  The ceilings are high, there is red velvet on the stairs and banisters and they always have really interesting events, with interesting people in attendance.

Tonight, I watched a famous jazz trumpeter, Tomasz Stanko, play several mesmerizing songs.  His music was appropriate to the theme of the night, an exibition of work by photographer Andrzej Tyszko, famous for his jazz album covers.  I loved the use of shadow and light on the photographs.  It gives me ideas for portrait shots.  I haven’t done a lot of those, so it might be fun to play around a bit.  It’s always great to be inspired by other photographers.

Breakfast: Crepes and Spinach.

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich with Carrots. Warmed in the oven on a 100 calorie multigrain bread.

Dinner: Chicken Pesto, Vegetable Medley and Home Fries. A satiating experience for only 300 calories!