An Alaskan Breakfast and a Trip

After 2.5 hours of sleep, I woke up to prepare for breakfast with our guest of honor, an Alaskan man that my dear friend, Monika, is dating. He flew in from Ketchikan for Memorial Day Weekend. Ray and I furiously got things together, packed for our trip, cleaned and cooked. I stepped across to the bodega to get some flowers and milk. It was all worth it because we had a beautiful breakfast together.

We had a typical Polish spread–lots of delicious food out, with coffee and tea. On the table were “nalesniki” or crepes. These nalesniki were warm and filled with creme cheese.

We also had potatoe salad, scrambled eggs with peppers and apple crumb cake.

My father-in-law joined us a little later and also had some breakfast, which he liked so much that he asked if he could have a second crepe.

After a few hours on the road, we arrived at the Finger Lakes and went to Glenwood Pines Diner for dinner, the home of the Pineburger challenge. This involves eating 4 large 6 ounce burgers in one hour. The winner gets their photo on the wall of the diner and facebook. I didn’t do the challenge, but I did have 1/2 of a burger along with some fries from dinner. I’m not sure if I stuck to my 300 calorie range, but it’s hard when you’re traveling–I guess smaller portions are the key.

We had some Ithaca beer and root beer.  It was delish!

The diner had a really neat feel to it, there were old arcade games and a bowling machine with pins that went up, instead of getting knocked down.

It was a great night and I got some great news by the end of it — Paul proposed to Monika!