A Little Violin Music

I skipped my morning workout because of my back issues (read about that here), but by the evening, I was ready to attempt a workout. I received a nice surprise because Marina brought in her violin, which was a much needed distraction from the difficult moves that cause my thighs to shrink a little more every day.

I love the violin, there is nothing like listening to someone play that gorgeous instrument and I know that most people feel the same way. That’s certainly why people like Yo Yo Ma are so popular. Adding a little violin to some pop music makes everything so much more wonderful.¬†Marina has been playing violin and piano since she was 7 and even studied violin and opera at the Manhattan School of Music. It was incredible to see her play live-she not only played, but she would get up, show us some aerobic moves, and then continue playing. Who else can do that?!

Breakfast: Blackberry Cereal with Skim Milk.

Lunch: Cheeseburger on a Multigrain Bread.

Dinner: Turkey and Veggie Medley.