Yummy Deliciousness

Breakfast:  A little breakfast bake with broccoli, cheddar cheese and tomatoes. Of course, I spiced it up with my 0 calorie Chinese chili paste!

I had to eat something a little smaller for breakfast because I ate a little later than I expected to due to early morning work that was time critical.  I’m going to have a little trouble, timing wise, with spacing out meals and snacks appropriately on this busy day, so I knew that I had to eat something smaller.  I immediately assumed that would make me feel hungry, but it’s interesting—I’m finding that my stomach must be shrinking already and getting used to the smaller portions because I felt quite full after this little egg concoction!

Lunch: Meatball Sandwich and Tomatoes

Exercise: Another challenging group workout, 2.5 miles walking, and 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Dinner: Fishy salmon, potatoes (!!) and brocoli.

And now…the fatigue has hit.  These 5 hours of sleep aren’t helping my new healthy kick, so I need to figure that part of my life out ASAP!