Today's the Day. Nothing Can Stand in the Way!

I’ve moved to day 4 of 90.  Before I had decided to take on this endeavor, I had been restricting my eating because of Lent.  So, as soon as Easter hit, I started going crazy with my eating — I decided to give myself those couple of weeks to eat everything I wanted to eat, even things that I’ve never tried, but was told I “had to try!”

I tried things like delicious cupcakes from Billy’s BakeryJackson Hole‘s burger and steak fries (best burger I’ve ever had btw) and so many noodles at MomoFuku that I thought I would pop. I think between Easter and April 18th, I ate every black and white cookie in Manhattan.  Maybe it wasn’t the best idea in the world because I gained about 5lbs in about two weeks.

It’s so easy to gain weight, but so hard to lose it!

Some Commentary on Falling Off the Wagon: I haven’t done it just yet, but it’s so easy to fall from a diet/new lifestyle change and I’m constantly tempted, even by things that I don’t normally find tempting.  I think we’ve all been there, where we tried to live a healthy life style or tried a fad diet and failed.  We’ve been at the grocery store, hungry and grabbed that chocolate bar that we didn’t need or gotten a bag of cookies from a bakery.  We’ve filled our plates to the max or eaten the entire tray of Thai takeout, instead of portioning it out.

Yesterday, I got some fabulous advice from MARINA about getting off track.  She said, “If you blow it by getting off track, then get back on track the NEXT MOMENT.”  She went on to explain that we shouldn’t blow our good track by eating more garbage and saying, “Oh, I’ll diet tomorrow.”  No! Get on track right away.

If you mess up, tell yourself, it’s ok, forgive yourself and move on.  Messing up doesn’t destroy all your work.

Music that Keeps Me Moving: I’ve been listening to this fantastic song by MARINA every morning to motivate myself. The song is called, “Today I Believe!” It’s a great song for walking or running and pumps me up.  The beat and the words will make you feel AWESOME.  Today IS the day to get on track and nothing can stand in your way!

Click here to listen to the song: Today I Believe!


Such a good point, Sarah! That is such a good way to think about it. I've never even considered that! You're the best, thanks for your everlasting support!


Similar to Marina's advice, someone told me recently, "You wouldn't let yourself fall all the way down the stairs, would you? No, you would put your hands out, you would try to stop yourself. So if you eat something bad, don't fall all the way down the stairs." Stay Strong!