One Week Down!

Mom and I took a long walk this morning for a couple of hours. We then ended up checking out a few stores, but didn’t find anything interesting and then walked over to Trader Joe’s to do some grocery shopping. We got some cheeses, nuts, strawberries and other goodies. I picked up some Ethiopian Fair Trade coffee for Ray. Mom also bought a beautiful tray of pastries as a gift for some of the classmates she went to meet today. She hasn’t seen them for almost 50 years, but a facebook type program, called “naszaklasa,” they found her and reconnected.

Brunch: We came back and made a very late brunch. Ray and I cooked up some eggs with bell peppers and put out a delicious tray of cheeses and fruits.  I had oatmeal with dried fruit, while Ray and my mother enjoyed all the other delicious things on the table.  Portion control is the key today!

Dinner: Vegetarian Lasagna, filled with cabbage and spinach. So delicious. I almost caved after this small portion, but decided to just have a few strawberries as a snack, which satisfied my craving. Well—somewhat satisfied it. I just have to keep thinking about the end goal!

Monica Italian Vegetable SoupI love this soup and it's really filling, but you you may want to add in a sprinkle of parm cheese or mozzarella. Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche I love this quiche, I cut it up in 8 equal sizes and wraped the rest of the slices in the freezer for a quick meal either with a salad or fresh fruit. 15-Minute Vegetarian Chili, I swapped out the kidney beans for black beans, and then I added 2 table spoons of fat free sour cream.