Lunch for Breakfast and Vice Versa

I know that there are norms, but I don’t follow them when it comes to food.  I just never did and never will.  It’s a Polish tradition for a nice weekend breakfast to put out a tray of meats and cheeses, fruits and nuts and other goodies.  I love doing that.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating a “lunch” type meal for breakfast or vice versa.  You have to enjoy every minute of every blessing in life, so if you like to have breakfast in the evening or lunch in the morning, go for it!

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Raisins and Cinnamon. Piece of Cheese with Cucumber. A few slices of orange and a few banana slices.

Lunch: Lite Laughing Cow Cheese with Homemade Wild Blueberry Jam (thanks Mom!) on a Slice of Toasted Rye Bread. My mom made the most delicious blueberry jam today.  I had these wild blueberries that I bought a few weeks ago, sitting in the freezer.  She grabbed those, threw in some cinnamon, a bit of honey and after a nice slow boil, I had a delicious homemade jam.  Mmmm!  Who says jam is just for breakfast?!

Dinner:  Salmon with Sweet Potatoes. After seeing Promises, Promises, I warmed up a plate.  It’s late, but I still say, a calorie is a calorie and not eating tonight would be worse for me than eating late at night.

BTW, I recommend the show.  It was really well done and a lot of fun.  Even Sean Hayes played the role well, despite overusing his verbrato in every song.  It definitely made me want to bring out some 60’s dance moves!


Nikka: Now, I love your mom too!! lol MMmmm that looks delish ;) I love the way you mix things up! I like to have non-breakfast foods to start my day too. I am just not into the breakfast type things. (I could eat the crepes EVERYDAY though!)