Family in Town, but I'm Sticking to It

I’m very excited because my mom came in town this afternoon!  I know things get tricky when people come to visit, but I’m sticking to my plan!  Even though it’s going to be even busier with family in town, I will have to eat my minimum calories and I can still have fun doing it.  My mother is an amazing cook–she can whip a phenomenal meal in minutes.  I’m excited because she just read the book, “French Women Don’t Get Fat,” by Mireille Guilano and she said she’s been playing around with the recipes from the book, so it’ll be great to see her in action.

Breakfast: Yoghurt with Melon and Grapes, Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin and Lemon Tetley Tea. I was so full after this the yoghurt and fruit that I couldn’t even eat the poppy seed muffin.  I will save it for later!

Lunch with Mom: I had three cheese baked ziti with tomatoes and had saved that muffin from this morning and Mom had rice, chicken and veggies.  She’s trying to be low calorie too, but isn’t into pasta as much as I am.  I waited for her outside my apartment this afternoon–her flight was on time, but she was late because President Obama came to town to yell at all the Wall Streeters, so traffic was awful.  Then we came home and got our food together, made our teas (Mom likes tea with milk and I had my Tetley with lemon) and started catching up.  So good to have Mom in town, I haven’t seen her since Christmas!

Exercise: Tonight, I’m exercising again with MARINA in Times Square and then I have to change and meet my mom and walk down to Bleeker Street.  Yes, she’s a walker too!  We’ve got plans to see The Common Air. I’m trying to decide whether to bring food with me or eat after the show.  I feel it’s necessary to take a pretty picture for the blog, so I’ll figure it out and post later!