Day 2 of 90: A Healthy Diet and Exercise

Breakfast: At 6:50AM, I had apricot pancakes and turkey bacon. I love eating at the table, listening to talk radio in the morning and having the windows open and the breeze coming in on these cool spring days.

I also drank a huge glass of ice cold water with the meal.  Putting food on pretty plates, even when it’s not convenient, makes a meal so lovely.  I think I need to buy some pretty napkins to make it even more lovely. I’m attempting to follow Mireille Guilano’s advice about eating slowly and enjoying every bite, but I have a feeling that it will be difficult to do when I am in a rush to complete work or running off to a meeting.

Lunch at 2ish: Salmon with Portabella Mushroom, Rice and Brocolli.

Exercise Session: I’m hoping to work out at least five days a week, during the week days.  This evening, I joined a session in Times Square at 5PM.  Can I just say this thing is so much fun to work out on!  It’s almost like a [redacted], but there are so many things to do with it and different [redacted] to work out on depending on your exercise level.

After class, I walked the 2.3 miles home.

Snack Time: On the go at 7PM, with the NY Public Library as background, I’m eating a banana pecan muffin.  I need to eat my two little low calorie snacks throughout the day to keep my metabolism up and my hunger low. My earlier snack was a mocha chocolate bar, but it wasn’t very good or pretty, so I didn’t think I needed a photograph of it!

Finally home for Dinner at 8:45PM:  Beef Carbonara with Wheat Noodles and Onions. And herbal tea and water. Yum!


Hi Jaime, I am eating enough. I'm kickstarting this week with around 1000 calories a day and then I'll go back to around 1500 calories starting Sunday. I'm a teeny bit hungry, but eating the snacks between meals helps a LOT!


Are you eating enough?