Korean Air and Airplane Dining

Let’s face it. There is most certainly a stigma about airplane food. I’m currently in flight to South Korea, about 12 hours in toward my destination. So far, two full meals were served – one dinner about an hour after we were up in the air, which was about 2AM and a breakfast that was served a couple of hours ago. I chose sleep over the breakfast, so I can only say that when I lazily opened my eyes and drifted back into consciousness, it looked like a very western meal (yogurt included) and smelled like bacon and eggs.

I will, however, describe what I had for my dinner because it was fun to put together and tasty to eat. I was given a choice of beef and potatoes or bibimbap. I went with the latter-after all, I am on my way to South Korea. If you’ve never tried bibimbap, I recommend it. It’s as common in the Korean cuisine as chicken fried rice is in the Chinese cuisine (at least the Chinese-American cuisine!)

The photo that I took with my iPhone shows you how the bibimbap comes. The bowl on the right is filled with a variety of vegetables, such as zuchinni, pickled root vegetables, spinach and mushrooms.

I love that I got a little set of instructions with my food!

Step 1: Put the steamed rice into the “Bibimbap” bowl.

Step 2: Add gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste).
Spice level 1 (mild): 1/2 tube
Spice level 2 (hot): full tube
– I added the whole tube, but didn’t find it very hot, but it gave it a great taste.

Step 3: Add sesame oil. – This was brilliant and really added to the flavor.

Step 4: Mix the “Bibimbap” together. – Mixing is super fun!

Step 5: Enjoy the “Bibimbap” with side dish and soup. – My soup was seaweed soup, so I am thrilled with that. I’m sure plenty of vitamins are pulsing through my body right now.

Overall, the food was really great (and, I’ve found these types of results on most international flights). No, it didn’t taste as amazing as the bibimbap I had at a friend’s birthday party in Manhattan, but it was pretty great. I’m loving Korean Air and the adorable flight attendants who are always giving me smiles adds to the great atmosphere, even back here in coach.

Oh, looks like it’s time for yet another delicious snack!