Sunday Girl -- Blondie Cover Band @ Wicked Willy's

One of my goals in life was to perform in a band and with the help of a lovely actress and friend, Donnell Adler, I achieved that dream!

On a Friday night, I walked into Wicked Willys with a zebra belt, shiny black leggings, 80’s hair and pink and blue eye liner, ready to sing backup to a Blondie cover band called Sunday Girl.  I’m not sure that I wowed my audience with my oohs and ahhs and la las, but I had a blast up on stage with some talented musicians who truly knew how to rock out.

I must admit that I was very nervous, since I never knew all the lyrics to the Blondie songs.  I just knew a few of the top hit songs and I quickly realized that I was singing the wrong lyrics all these years when I was rehearsing!  I notice I’ve done that a lot and people constantly point out that I’m singing the wrong lyrics.  I thought Bruce Springsteen was singing “Wall street woman,” but in actuality he was shouting, “She’s the one.”  How did I get that wrong all these years? Don’t ask me because right now it seems rather clear, but somehow I interpreted the wrong thing about 10 years ago and kept singing along to that!  It’s not a wonder I got some stares when I went to see Bruce play a few months ago.

I’m just happy to know that the band invited me back, so I’m hoping my nerves die down and I can hop into another fabulous 80’s outfit soon enough!

Ray Kramer
Ray Kramer

You'll always be my wall street woman!