Sea Lions and Whales Galore!

This morning we left our anchorage around 6:30am in search of whales. Before breakfast, we saw some blowhole puffs in the distance, but nothing closeby. Soon after our delicious feast, as if on cue, we saw almost a dozen whales. One in particular is quite memorable, a humbpack putting on a show for us. He was flapping around his pectoral fins, while on his back. He’d jump up out of the water and lay on his back and just kept playing around!

Later in the day, we took a skiff ride out near Sail Island where we got a chance to spot some sea lions, grunting and calling at each other other. What was quite impressive was learning that they can open their nostrils to breath and close them when diving. This was discovered after we snapped the shot above. The sea lions were quite interested in us. They kept appropaching the skiff and flapping around. Their calls sound like really loud burps!

Someone else was quite interested in us as well–a humpback whale who came toward us, under us and circled around us! What an adrenaline rush to get a large mammal up close and only a few feet away in the open ocean! I cannot stop thinking about this intelligent creature coming right up to our tiny skiff and looking up at us. Whales are known for spy jumping, meaning they jump up curiously and check you out. This whale didn’t jump, but he kept close to us. I wonder what he was thinking and why he was so curious about us. (Check out the video at the bottom of this post!)

We’re headed toward Woodspit to do some kayaking and that’s where we’ll anchor for the night, before heading toward Dawes glacier tomorrow. Now, I believe its time for some hot tea and reading after this exciting day. It seems that every day is more perfect than the last. I didn’t think that was possible, but perhaps that is why Alaska is so magical.