St. John's Bay

This morning we woke up and ate delicious orange French toast with berry compote, sausage and fruit. We did a bit of motoring in the morning and finally got to St. John’s Bay.

Though it was pouring rain as we arrived, once we changed into our rain gear, the sun came out and we were able to do some skiffing and kayaking around to explore the different islands and watch eagles fly overhead.

Ray and I found an abandoned boat and kayaked around it a bit, until our kayak got stuck on a rock. We were able to pull out with no problems, but apparently another kayak had gone out and come back to the boat and as they were pulling in, one person fell into the cold water. There has been talk of all of us jumping into the cold water and then running up to the hot tub, but I guess Shirley, the British oncology research scientist, beat us to the punch!

Tonight, we’ll reach Petersburg, where I’ll hopefully be able to post these last few days, if we happen to find internet at the public library and a usb plug! I have a feeling these towns don’t keep things open late or very often, so I guess we’ll see.

Petersburg is a small town with 4 bars and 11 churches, quite opposite of most Alaskan towns! The town is named after its founder, Peter Buschmann, who unfortunately killed himself only after living here for 4 years. He had created a cannery on Mitkof Island near the LeConte Glacier; however, the cannery failed when he tried to go up against a monopolistic canning operation.

Today, our plan is to explore the town a bit and then do a big hike after a walk around Petersburg. We’re nearing our time in Frederick Sound, with the largest concentration of whales. We’re sure to encounter some more whales here so I’m very excited!


This is all great of course, but I'm waiting for reports on my hometown, Juneau! Glad to hear the trip is exceeding expectations.-Cara


Wow, what a great trip! Whales, bears & eagles (also an unhappy salmon). Its a good thing the days are long up there this time of year. It must be nice to be in the wilderness one minute, then back on the boat for great food and hot tubing.Thanks for the update and the great pictures. Dominika, I have read through your blog three times and it never gets old!Dad Kramer