Misty Fjords and Walker's Cove

We woke up early since our room is above a propeller and headed to the 8am breakfast. After the feast, I grabbed tea, Ray grabbed coffee and we headed to the deck to read and write. After a few hours of relaxing, the yacht got into Walker’s Cove, fjords surrounded us and a light rain created a mist off the mountains, certainly a glorious sight. We jumped into our sea kayak in our rain gear and spent the rest of the day exploring coves, chasing after harbour seals and birds and watching the shoreline for bears. This was certainly a tranquil location. Looking up at the mountains and the vast seas makes you realize how glorious God is and how amazing it is that we can see His work around us.

At one point, the captain put the bow up to a big waterfall and Ray and I got a bit of cold water rushing over us! The Misty Fjords area we were in had thousands of water falls. Pulling your kayak up under a waterfall creates an impression. There are many people in this world that have never even seen a waterfall and here we were, almost taking them for granted. This is only the beginning of our trip and it has exceeded all expectations.