Happy Anniversary!

I woke up with a card next to my pillow-Ray had found a honey bear (which is his nickname) and a card that made smooching noises! How sweet! I know I say this all the time now, but how quickly time has passed. In just five years of knowing each other, four years of being married, how much we’ve learned about each other, experienced in our lives together and apart and how much we’ve grown in general. Just in the last five years, Ray has been to 15 countries and I’ve been to 18 countries. The amount of learning and experience that takes place in a few years of marriage is immense and adding these experiences on top of everything just makes you think about how much more there is to learn and understand in this beautiful world.

This morning, after having our blackberry pancakes, we headed up to the bow and looked at some pictographs which were possibly Klinkit. These were territorial markings. Although Klinkits are a matriarchal society, the women were responsible for grinding up the paints by chewing fish eggs in their mouths. The deepest red pigment would come from sockeye salmon eggs. I can’t really grasp why in a matriarchal system women still took on that job! :o) I certainly would not be willing to grind fish eggs in my mouth; however, I’m one of the very few in my circle of friends who doesn’t like sushi either!

There has been a revival of the Klinkits in the past 40-50 years and traditions such as totem pole carving are coming back into the learning regime. I suppose it’s a useful tool since some carvers make between $3000-$5000 a foot! A tradition which is quite unusual is where children are raised by their aunts or uncles because they believe a child raised by parents will be spoiled too much.

After we arrived at Yes Bay, we went on a rigorous hike through the Tongas National Forest. It was a perfect day with no rain even though we were in a rainforest! We trekked through mud and rocks and trees, sometimes creating our own trail. The hike was tough, but well worth it because we were in deep in the rain forest in a location that not many people have gone to, since no town is connected to this part of the forest. You either have to arrive by a small boat or sea plane. Along the trail, we ate watermelon berries, thistle berries and other tart and tasty berries. Our feet got stuck in mud, we?d use momentum to jump over bear skat and little streams and crawled over boulders. We walked for hours and then turned around and walked back for hours.

When we got back to the boat, we quickly changed into warmer clothes and jumped in a sea kayak. Ray and I paddled through to little islands and chased after bald eagles. We kayaked for a couple of hours and then headed back for a well deserved dinner of rosemary wine reduction sauce atop delicious lamb, almond crusted halibut, Columbian wine, Belvedere vodka and a surprise chocolate upon chocolate anniversary cake! Another couple was celebrating their 14th anniversary and the crew surprised us with the cake and cards they made with our photos they had taken throughout the two days.

It was a perfect anniversary day complete with everything we love to do!


Hi there - I just read through everything you have, but wanted to leave the comment on your anniversary post! What amazing pictures! I'm so envious of your adventurous spirit. Happy Anniversary to you both and I can't wait to hear more about this trip.