A Swimming Surprise!!

Yesterday evening turned out to be a bit of a surprise. We jumped into the kayak after applying some natural Burt’s Bees bug repellent, which smells incredible! Not sure if it works as well as deet, but it was a relaxing smell while out in the middle of the ocean.

We kayaked around Scenic Cove off of the Baird glacier. The water was cool and I decided that it was time to take an Alaskan dip! Ray didn’t require much encouragement and we quickly changed into our swim attire. As I stepped ont o the swimboard, I became very aware of the temperature, having the glacier give the air and water an even cooler feel. However, after announcing our tomfoolery, there was no turning back!!

With the crew cheering us on and our shipmates kayaking in the distance, Ray started with a running jump high in the air, and I followed timidly after he got to the swim step. The water was certainly a shock, but after I was out of the water, I felt exhilarated and did not really feel cold. I suppose it was because the air was warmer than the water! We went toward the hot tub and Ray jumped right in, but the 102F temperature was too hot for me after just having been in 40F water. So I waited a while before going into the water. Somone shouted that our shipmates, Bob and Margaret, were headed in, so we quickly jumped out to see this happen. Margaret and I had a running joke the entire trip that she was was going in and in her sweet little sotuthern accent, she kept telling me there was no way she would be caught in that cold water. The best was when she got out of the water and told me that she was done with that water and that everyone else was invited to her home in TN and they would all get royal treatment, but I surely would not! Then she pinched my arm and shook her head and said, “you!” Others followed suit at different times, sneaking their jumps, but we caught a few in the act.

For dinner, we had bibs waiting for us along with dungeonous crab and wine. I had some cognac as an after dinner drink. Then, Ray and I jumped into the hottub hoping to spot some northern lights, but all we could see were the regular stars. I’ll take what I can get since NY has too much light pollution to see much of anything in the skies!