Jiuzhaigou Hiking

Jiuzhaigou is like a dream. Its turquoise fresh water lakes and drastic mountain ranges with light fog make me forget I’m not in a fantasy world. Ray and I hiked around all day exploring every new lake and waterfall on trails that are like the one pictured above. From time to time, someone would approach us, say hello and giggled when we’d answer back. It was great fun to be an amusement. We met a few Chinese Canadians and one fellow from Indiana, who was so proud of all his children attending Indiana University, that he started listing off professors there that were an integral part of his children’s’ lives.

After a tiring and wonderful day, we went to a little restaurant over a river and pointed to Chinese symbols, hoping that we were ordering good food. It was thrilling to point to something wondering what surprise we would get. As luck would have it, we got some delicious spicy noodles(I did learn that word in Chinese since I’m obsessed with spicy food–suen la), spicy chicken and spicy beef. We drank delicious jasmine tea along with our food. I have to say, I love being in an area that is so Chinese that there are no English translations yet and we just look in our phrase books hoping we get the tones right.

In the evening, we watched a Tibetan dance show, which was less than enthralling. Think amateur lighting and lots of stage fog. We’re soon going to head to Shanghai and then Suzhou!